Most men don't like church ...

We get that, really, we do. Most of us don't hang around singing songs and the majority of us would rather be actively doing something than sitting in long lectures. It's how we're wired.

But then, we've gone to churches where the preacher goes on and on about things that seem totally irrelevant to the lives we live. There's a lot of singing too. For many men, it just isn't appealing.

But we also know that men want to be successful, live happy lives and have healthy families. We're willing to do the work if we can figure out what will make a difference. Does it make sense that studies show that church attendance has a positive impact on all those things we want? Most of us see church as a waste of a good Sunday morning.

We get all that. We are building a men's ministry that seeks to be relevant, practical, worthwhile and even enjoyable. We believe that the bible has a lot to say to today's men and that men can have real relationships with Jesus Christ that bring purpose, direction and fulfillment.

Leave the suit and tie in the closet and give us a try. We think you'll be surprised. Maybe you'll even enjoy coming to church as much as your wife or girlfriend.

We're praying for leadership right now and working to put things together. Are you interested in helping?