We love kids!

If you read the "about us" page you already have a sense of where we are at. In the summer of 2013 we were down to around 50 active people with 35 or so attending on Sundays. Things were not looking good. We rarely had need for nursery care and our "KidzTime" program was down to maybe half a dozen children ages 4-Grade 5. Things are much different now and changing every month!

Our body took a hard look at itself and decided that it was time to step out in faith and make some major changes. Fifteen monthslater we have about 150 people actively involved with attendance near 100 on Sunday mornings. We're still growing and changing. That's exciting!

We now have a, bright, nursery and have added a family room for little ones where parents can settle, feed or change their babies while still being able to hear the music and message. But sometimes our nursery is crowded. So, we are in the process of revamping a large space downstairs that will be designed especially for little ones and have parents in mind as well. Our plans are for secure webcams that parents can use on their smart phones to check on their children at any time as well as visible monitors in the lobby.


We have no separate "Sunday School" time but instead invite ages 4- Grade 5 to take part in KidzTime during the morning worship service. The children leave during the offering time and head for the next room over for a lesson and some fun. It normally lasts 30-40 minutes.


We have a drama and music program for children in grades K-5. Fun, snacks, music and drama are on the menu. JAM? Jesus And Me. Our goal is that our children learn that Jesus is crazy about them and never leaves them.


Birth through age 3 gather for childcare, play and story time. We always provide at least two nursery staff even if there are only a few children and we do our best to ensure that your little ones are going to be loved and cared for by people who adore and are good with children. We use a sign-in process where your child is tagged with a nametag with info and a number that corresponds to the number on a tag you take with you. Our nursery workers will only release your child to an adult with that tag at the end of the service. Of course, we want you to know that your child is welcome in the worship service and we don't mind the occassional squeaks, coos and squeals. Just use your judgement when the noise level or cuteness increases to the point of being distracting to others.