Do you have a community event you would like listed on our sign?

There have been a lot of changes here at FBC Westbrook since the summer of 2013. Come visit us some Sunday and we are pretty sure you will be surprised.

One of our key values now is to be involved in, support and actively love our community. It has always been a goal but now it is our emphasis with action: love God & love others.

Our new sign (a generous gift from an anonymous donor) in its very visible location, will allow us to help our community communicate and come together. We believe that Westbrook is an awesome place to live and work.

We will be adding community announcements to our sign on a first come, first served basis at no charge.

Please submit your announcement to keeping the following guidelines in mind.

FBC Community Message Board Guidelines

1) Non-profits only. No advertising or business listings will be accepted.

2) No political listings for candidates, referendums or issues.

3) Listings that impact or involve the most potential residents of Westbrook will be given preference.

4) Fundraising events will only be considered for inclusion if they are in support of Westbrook community causes.

5) Non-profit listings must focus on special events and not regularly-scheduled programs like weekly or monthly meetings. For example: "WHS Drama Club Presents: My Fair Lady. April 4,5,6 @ 7 pm" is good but "Weekly Rotary Meeting Monday" is not. (However, weekly events held here at FBC will be listed.)

6) When you submit your event be sure to include at least:
When (Time & Date)?
We will do our best, with limited space, to get your message accross but may have to edit and abbreviate.

7) Submit your event listing at least 2-3 weeks in advance of your event.

8) Only a handful of community listings will be included each week to make sure that listings get good visibility. If we include dozens, the sign will be ineffective and your message will be lost in the crowd. Priority will be given to events that bring Westbrook together, affect the most people and are submitted well in advance.

9) Since the listings are posted by volunteers doing their best to manage time and availabity, all we can promise is to do our best to get your event up, if selected, at least a few days before your event.

10) We cannot guarantee your event will be listed.

Submit your listing to .