Serving locally and globally #sponsor Making A Difference

We're big on putting action to our words. If we claim to love Jesus but spend all our time, money and effort on ourselves and our own comfort, we're missing the point.

Hang out with us awhile and you will hear us say our simple mission statement, "Love God. Love others. Live like Jesus." It all boils down to that.

As a faith family, we set aside 10% of whatever gifts come in to use outside our walls. That's the minimum and we take it out first to put to good use. We also are usually involved in some type of outside project beyond our "tithe" as a church.


Making a differenceExamples?

Our largest and most active ministry is our Open Door Kitchen which provides a monthly dinner for the people of our community. More than 20 volunteers from our faith family and as many as a dozen others work hard to feed an average of 150 people each month. Westbrook Together Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and St. Patrick's day bring together as many as 300 people! A generous grant from the NNOF has helped our little family feed families since 2008. It's definitely our favorite.

Also, on the local level, we support the local Salvation Army and our Westbrook Community Center food pantry and clothing cupboards. We support Abba Ministries in its work with single moms and pregnancy support. We invest in college work by supporting The Navigators and we like to step up to help meet crisis needs in our community. We are not a church of pew sitters.

Internationally, we are very involved in providing support to AMG Guatemala in its work with more than 8000 children trapped in poverty. We support Brian and Mary Dennett in their work in Guatemala and are very involved with our sister school in Oratorio. As a faith family we currently support more than 20 children through monthly sponsorship with AMG and have had others join us. We have chosen to go All In in supporting a single global work rather than sending lots of little checks all over the world. We want to stay very involved with our missions work. In April of 2018 we are bringing water filtration systems for 130 families at the school we support in Oratorio.

In 2016, all totalled, our faith building community directed more than $70,000 toward our efforts to make a difference and show the love of Jesus. That includes taking a group of 18 to Oratorio, Guatemala to serve onsite for a week. We will be returning in April of 2018 and cannot wait to be back with all our kids!




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